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شركة دفء لاعمال تدفئة مركزية حول التثقيف واتاحة الخيارات لعملائنا. نحن نفخر بانفسنا في التاكد من ان كل عميل يتلقى افضل الحلول لحتيجات التدفئة الخاصة به بافضل الاسعار في المملكة العربية السعودية .نحن نتفهم ايضا اهمية الخدمة الشخصية قبل الشراء واثناءه والاهم بعدها ؛ لذلك نعمل على التطور ونتعامل مع موردين ممتازين في صنعاتهم ونعمل مع فريق ذو خبره في مجال التدفئة المركزية والاهم اننا شركة ذات خبرة  كبيرة في هذا المجال مما  يدي الى قلت الصيانة وتدفئة امنة  والسرعة في التدفئة  بعد كل هذا نقول وبكل فخر ان عملائنا هم الرقم واحد وهذا يجعلنا مميزون عن غيرنا.
diifa Company for central heating works about educating and providing options for our customers. We pride ourselves on making sure the customer receives the best solutions for their business cases at the best prices in Saudi Arabia. We also understand the importance of personalized service before, during and most importantly after purchase; We work in a developed field and we deal with suppliers working in the field of work
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Warmth Company:

A video explaining our service in central heating

How the radiator heating system works

Radiator heating consists of important parts
  1. Boiler: It heats the water inside the pipes with the help of the water pump. When the water temperature rises, its density decreases and rises to the top until it reaches the radiator (thermal radiators) that are located in the walls of the house, which in turn works by taking out heat throughout the house by the process of thermal radiation (radiator), thus heating the house .
  2. Thermostat: The function of the thermostat is to control the boiler device to adjust its temperature.
How it works?
Warmah did some study in northern (Tabuk) and southwestern (Abha) Saudi Arabia, which showed that the temperature in those areas in the winter is very low, for example in the north (Tabuk) the small temperature ranged between 2 to 9 degrees Celsius and in the south (Abha) it ranged between 4 to 11 degrees Celsius. This cold climatic climate causes many diseases, including bone pain, virus infection and many others. So, Warwath Company for Central Heating Works commissioned the transfer of the best types of technology in the world regarding central heating to Saudi Arabia to reduce the chances of infection with many diseases.
Our goals for central heating are as follows:

Advantages of central heating with hot water
How to make a gas or diesel central underfloor heating system

  1. Water tank device (Blower) : It is the place where the combustion takes place to heat the water in the pipes, which is responsible for heating the house.
  2. Water pipes : distributed throughout the house, forming a complete network, and it starts from the assembly drum to the room to be heated and then returns to the drum without any connections to ensure that there is no leakage in the future.
  3. Boiler pump : It is inside the heating device (the boiler) and works to push the hot water into the water pipes extending inside the house and connected to the drum devices to return to the boiler again.
Underfloor heating
Swimming pool heating
Swimming pool heating is very important, especially in the winter season, which is severe in the north and south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Abha). than electric heating) and works much more effectively.

One of the advantages of diesel swimming pool heating.
  1. Economic
  2. Heating at higher temperatures than electricity
  3. heating speed
Warfa Central Heating Company offers you its great experience in the field of swimming pool designs, construction, and the best systems in equipping the pool.
  1. Honesty in dealing with our customers
  2. Accomplished in the agreed time
  3. Accuracy in action
  4. Great experience in the field
swimming pool design
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